Health Issues

While I bragged about them being the perfect mix of fun and relaxed, there are some tradeoffs healthwise.

Nearly all Cavalier King Charles will experience heart issues in their lifetime. My non-scientific assessment is that their heart gets torn in two between being a sport and companion animal. Obviously, that’s poetic not actual, but it seems right to me.

There are a small handful of very hard to pronounce and difficult to spell (Syringomyelia) syndromes that affect their spine and hips and the breed as a whole is a target for these. What this means as an owner is that you’ll have a dog who is in pain quite a bit from moving. If they can get comfortable though, they’ll be happy just to be next to you and occasionally look up at you with those huge, bulging, human eyes.

Something that is not often mentioned is that their eyes have those constant black drips. It is always. Clean them out, wash the hair, eye drops, it is still going to come. So they look like they have an eye infection near constantly, which is sometimes true, but most of the time, they are just being Cavaliers.

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